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Pastor Refuses To Encourage Vaccinations Says Virus Is A Scam-CNN

The covid-19 pandemic has rocked the world for one year disrupting nearly all economic activities. This has led to people finding innovative ways to get life going, by inventing face masks to curb spread of the virus among others. But in what looks like to end the menace, a vaccine have been invented from various countries USA inclusive.

And as the government's globally encourages its citizens to get vaccinated, an Evangelist pastor from USA has refused to advise congregants to take the jab. According to him, covid-19 virus is a scam and getting people vaccinated is a move by Bill Gates to kill Americans. He further believes that covid-19 was politically motivated in order to get Joe Biden elected as the president of United States of America.

It's evident that were it not the strong USA democracy, this pastor could be behind the bars for misleading the public. But now that is his opinion and has right of expression.

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