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'Hapa Kuna Wenyewe' Membley Residents Surprised as Former MP Convert House Into a Bar

Membley residents are up in arms over actions of a former member of parliament to covert his house into a bar bypassing the by-laws. The MP has however stood his ground revealing that such was his house and he had the mandate to do whichever he wanted with his land.

John Muriithi a father of six lives with his wife and children in the house that has been converted into a bar. The residents are of the view that new people are coming into the estate and such could pose a security risk to most of the tycoons in the estate.

According to the estate by-laws, nobody is supposed to put a bar or anything of that sort into the estate. It's such actions that has seen majority of the residents decide to report the matter to police as well the highest government authorities to have the bar closed indefinitely.

John Muriithi has however remained adamant making it clear that his home is his property and he has a right to do whatever he wants. However the residents of the estate are of the view that their children will be destroyed by alcohol as well their husband's do not come home due to the turn of events.

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Hapa Kuna Wenyewe' Membley John Muriithi Membley


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