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Khalwale Blasts Uhuru Over Pandora Papers Exposure

Talks about Pandora secret box continues to elicit debate and discussion about a large array of various facts.

The video tape released early Monday showed our president family been mentioned as having numerous offshore accounts, not forgetting various huge investments in properties and so on.

Today morning on Citizen TV, the host Trevor Ombija with his energetic panelists consisting of Alfred Mutua, Bonny Khalwale and Kimani Wamatangi, did share a bit of their understanding about this trending 'chained secret box that has been set free and open.'

Kakamega former senator, Bonny, was so concerned, more of being touched, by the sensitivity of this issue.

Not to be forgotten, one of the accounts mentioned in Kenyatta family, had a sum of close to 3 million USD, that is, about 3 billion Kenyan money.

The former lawmaker has questioned the connection involving such investments, wealth and huge sums of money.

He says the following, "If those 'monies' mentioned are legal, then why the web of secrecy? Why put them in layers upon layers as if to make it difficult to be traced or identified easily? We should be careful".

According to international consortium of investigative journalists, and in Bonny's view too, it was reported monies were placed in a manner of layer after layer, hence becoming difficult to trace.

The veterinary doctor went ahead to say the 'tainting words', "he has incredible greater figures of money that makes him in the same competition with the likes of facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram owner, Mark Zuckerberg, and from where, the sell of milk? It is actually absurd."

It is true the family of the president does have a good number of business activities, milk selling being one of them. However, we do not know much of other detailed investments. Therefore, the pandora report is creating much speculations among Kenyans about the first family.

Let's see how you say about this?

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