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Moi's Ally Gives DP Ruto Condition If He Wants To Be 5th President

Hon. Arap Sang Mau has hinted through his Facebook page alleging that when he hears people saying that Deputy President William Ruto will become President he just laugh at them and take a cup of tea. He further alleged that DP Ruto cannot be President only if he support Senator Gideon Moi.

Here is what Hon. Arap Sang Mau shared on his Facebook page alleging about Deputy President William Ruto!

"When I hear people yapping and saying that William Ruto will become President, I always take a cup of tea and laugh and what I normally tells you is that William Ruto will never be a President soon not unless if he supported Gideon K. Moi then I will assure him that 2032 is good for him, otherwise I don't see the nature of becoming a President of this country. They said that first things first. Let him support GM first so that we can assure his greatest support in 2032 or so.

"Everything is always set in order about the passing of BBI and succession politics ahead of 2022,the Supreme court is complete. They wanted to take the advantage on Swearing in of Judges but the President has fulfilled. The rejected list of Judges by the President was said that they are corrupt and they shouldn't be appointed as the Judges.

"In 2007 when they asked Samuel Kivuitu the Chairman of the Electoral Commission of who won the Election between Raila and Kibaki he said that he didn't know but he have to declare Kibaki as the winner to put Kenya in good hands. Kivuitu was a man who was at the centre of Kenya's darkest moment. We all know that Raila won the election according to me and you but my question is, did Raila became President?

"In 2022 it will be of the same,the important objects, will be the People, the Supreme court and the President Uhuru Kenyatta. Don't ask me why beyond this answer, It's because these three Objects will have to put Kenya in good hands and not to leave Kenya in darkest moment. Uhuru Kenyatta has already said that he's a fool to leave Kenya in worst hands but the good hands is when Kenya is in the hands of leaders who have the integrity like Gideon Moi and not William Ruto.

"We again have a reason without doubt why the BBI was brought, it was brought through handshake of the two Principles, Raila and Uhuru. William Ruto should give us a break because he's not an important object nor a principle to be asked how this Kenya will be drive. The two Principles Raila who got the minority of the votes verses Uhuru Kenyatta the President who got the Majority of the votes are responsible on how they will lead this country.

"Whether you like it or not or you like me or you hate me,the passing of,BBI and Gideon Moi of becoming the Fifth President is Unstoppable and we are unshakeable. what happened in Kisumu previously on Madaraka day, peace was everywhere. The Luo now understand the reason to be in Government while some few are looking forward to know how they behave when they are in Opposition with William Ruto, am not amongst,am in the deep state and will be in the next government of GM and Raila.

"the Lou's are smart who can demonstrate for decades until they can frustrate a government. They can resist gunshots and teargas for decades. Who can demonstrate in Nairobi until they can sworn in their own like what Raila did in Uhuru Park,instead the teargas that's within Counties is enough to handle their demonstrations. But it's good to comply with the government and the deep state.

Kenyans are in good hands of Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and Gideon Moi.

You can follow his Facebook page and read more for yourself;

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