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Reasons Why Gideon-Mudavadi-Wetangula-Kalonzo Coalition Will Not Work

Every one has speculated that there will be a coalition between Gideon K. Moi , Kalonzo Musyoka , Hon Musalia W Mudavadi and Hon. Moses Wetangula .

The KANU Party is Uhuru's project to dissect Rift valley votes. But He will not endorse Gideon Moi either. Gideon is fighting for a deputy prime minister post. He is only needed to add a few Baringo votes so as to earn that post.

Musalia Mudavadi is the secret man who is has been endorsed by Kenyatta and Moi families so as to safeguard their interests. Kalonzo musyoka is being tipped to be the Prime minister but he has ro meet the required threshhold of 2M votes required by the deep state so that he can earn that post. Wetangula is just a flower girl, the other deputy prime minister will be handpicked from central Kenya.

Gideon Moi is cool with his position, but Kalonzo Musyoka feels intimidated, that is why he is appearing every now and then saying he will run for the presidential seat come 2022. A tactic to be re-assured he won't be dumped. But his advisors are keen not ro strike a deal with the devil, hence Kalonzo is out of the coalition until his "demands" are met. No one cares about him though.

With this tides of events , this coalition will not see the light. Kalonzo was Raila's running mate 2013, 2017. He wants the top seat and the deep state are not voting in his favour at their table. Gideon Moi gas failed to use his fathers money to"buy" Kalenjins votes and the pressure is mounting every day. His brothers are mad he is using the wealthy left for them greedily for personal gains.

Mudavadi on the other side is trying to convince deep state, all Luyha's will vote for him, but he has a test for the upcoming by elections.

This makes William Samoei Ruto , the man of the hour and the only Presidential candidate to WIN 2022 Presidential election votes.

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