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Farah Maalim Narrates This Betrayal Incident That Ruined His Relationship with ODM Party Leader Raila

Other than the spectacular fallout between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy, Dr. William Ruto, which confounded everyone and continues to do so up to date, another rift that has remained a mystery is the one from the warm friendship that once existed between Raila Odinga and Farah Maalim.

However, the former Deputy Speaker opened up on what happened.

Maalim revealed that back in 2013, when he was forwarded by the Orange Democratic Movement party as the candidate for Senate Speaker to face off with Ekwe Ethuro of Jubilee, everything was going on well until the voting day itself came in the chambers of the Upper House.

Maalim was speaking on K24’s weekly political show Pundits Night which was hosted by Abubakar Abdullahi.

He went on to recall that when the vote had taken place, he lost the first round by only a single vote. The votes that Ekwe Ethuro got were so little that they weren’t enough to push him to victory in the first round, and so the pair had to go for a run-off.

Farah was confident of a win in the run off because there were 5 Senators from ODM who hadn’t voted for him in the first round, and if they did, he would comfortably win.

However, when he approached Raila with the issue and asked him to whip the 5 Senators into voting for him, to his utter shock, Raila showed reluctance. While he admits that Raila didn’t decline flatly, he also refused to firmly pursue the issue, hence indirectly passing the message to the 5 Senators that they were at liberty to do as they wished.

In the run off, the 5 Senators refused to vote for him and that was how Ekwe beat him. Farah later disclosed that the 5 were from the coast, and during his time as Chairman of the Orange Democratic Movement party Disciplinary committee, he arbitrated against a certain Coastal region supremo, and that was the cause of his problems.

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