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Why Many Political Parties Emerge During Every Elections

The Jubilee party is one of the parties which reflected the face of Kenya with representatives in almost all parts of the country. It was a party many thought will be based on ideology and that will last beyond an election. The wrangles which are being witnessed in the party are seemingly going to break the party in the middle.

There emerged two factions in the same political party with MPs and senators being torn in the middle with a section supporting the president and the other supporting his deputy. In case this party breaks, there are consequences which will follow the political parties.

First and foremost there will emerge many ethinic political parties. This is because many will shy away from the 'national parties' as they will feel threatened of betrayal. This wi will destroy national cohesion even in our politics. This has been seen in the Coast where the leaders are feeling that they should have their regional party which will air their views.

If there were parties with good ideas there will not be need for regions to form their parties. In the Mt. Kenya region those supporting the deputy president are even reluctant to join the newly formed UDA party even though it is supported by the deputy president. They feel much save in their regional parties that making a national party.

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