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About Anonymous, The Hacker Collective that Declared War on Russia

Who is Anonymous? Contrary to what you might have expected Anonymous is not a single person but a decentralized international activist and hack-tivist compromised of many persons. It can also be referred as a movement known for its various cyber attacks targetting institutions and Government organisations.

Their symbol is always a person wearing a mask to conceal identity or a picture of an headless person. This hackers are faceless and most of their identity has always remain a mystery. However some of the hackers have been arrested before.

In their official social media account Anonymous recently declared war on Russia after it invaded Ukraine.

This group once targeted CIA in 2012 whereby they rendered the Agency's website offline. This led to arrests of several individuals linked to the Anonymous collective. This made them go inactive for a while and revived activity after the murder of George Floyd.

According to a report by the Guardian, one of the former member of Anonymous described the guiding principle of the anonymous collective is "anti-oppression".

Cyber warfare targets the information. For instance they can shut down a website or break through weak firewalls to obtain confidential information that they then leak to the public. Some of world Hackers have been described as cyber terrorists.

Below are some of the Russian documents that Anonymous alleged to have obtained


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