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Comparison Between Raila's ODM Party Campaigning Strategies To That Of UDA Ahead Of 2022 Elections

It's only 11 months to elections and the political world is already heated up. A lot of changes have happened in this area including shifts of politicians from one party to the other. With all that being said, we have different parties coming up with different strategies to see them the ruling party come 2022.

In this article we give a comparison of how ODM is campaigning to how Ruto is doing it.

1. Use of Promises

This is one way used by politicians to entice their followers into electing them into office. We have seen both parties promising their followers good things ahead of the 2022 elections.

For instance, Raila is promising a monthly Ksh 6000 to every youth. On the other his fellow Politicians are giving a soda for every new registered voters. Their counterparts, UDA are promising Kenyans equity between the halves and the halves not if they are elected in office.

2. ODM Divides Leaders to campaign from different areas while UDA Leaders Follow Each Other At One Place

We have seen Baba in Nakuru county over the weekend while his other teammates were in different parts of the country propelling the Oranges agendas. For example, Simba Arati was in Kisii while Hassan Joho was in Kawangware.

O the other hand, the Hustler Nation believe in being together during their political rallies. In Lakipia Ruto moved with his all team from Wilson Sossion who is the most endorsed team member, Kipchumba among others. Be it noted that, Ruto can cover all the parts that Baba covers with divisions in one day.

3. Joining other Parties while UDA has remained independent

We have seen ODM teaming up with other parties likes of OKA in order to enter Statehouse while The Wheelbarrow Movement have believed in one union. According to Ruto, the parties joining hands are just ganging up against him now that he is at the top.

4. Frequent Visits To Mt. Kenya Region

It's believed that if a leader is endorsed in the mountain, then his winning chances are high. And that's why most leaders are moving in the mountain to conduct rallies.

As we draw nearer to elections, remember to vote wisely and let no one influence your voting. Remember your genuine vote counts.

Content created and supplied by: JoyceMwendeN (via Opera News )

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