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Meru County Deputy Governor Calls For Fast Action After Bandits Murder Five People in Meru County

Meru County Deputy Governor, Hon Titus Ntuchiu has expressed his outrage over the barbaric murder of five people by camel herders in Meru, at Mwera O Malia and Ntulili areas last night. Most appalling is that the victims are three innocent primary school kids and two women. No words of consolation to the bereaved families are sufficient to heal the pain of this senseless loss of life. We can only pray that God grants them strength. 

Titus Ntuchiu said, "Fow how long will these criminals reign terror and death on our people while the security agencies seem to be doing nothing? As we speak, the Muriri-Isiolo road is a no go zone because it is like the armed killers are on a free reign."

Ntuchiu said that the Cabinet Secretary in charge of Interior Security and the Inspector General of Police owe people of Meru county an explanation about this worsening security situation otherwise the spilled innocent blood is in their hands. Meru county residents demand to know whether there are shadowy untouchable stakeholders in this macabre violence! 

According to the deputy governor, wenever there's an attack, which has become regular, they have always pleaded with the national authorities on the need to enhance security in the area. The promises and guarantees we get are followed with little action!

According to the deputy governor, following a similar massacre in the same area, on 12th of January this year, the IG promised to re-arm the 22 trained County Government rangers so that they could complement the police in restoring security. To date this has remained a hollow promise. Ntuchiu hopes today’s assurance by Regional Commissioner , Mr Evans Achoki....that the rangers will be re-armed within the next few days is strictly adhered to. 

Ntuchiu urgues that Meru County residents expect No more bureaucratic excuses; No further delays, No more deaths. According to the deputy governor, when people are treated like citizens of doubtful nationality, when people feel like their government does not care, they resort to desperate means of protecting themselves & that's how societies descend into anarchy and retaliatory bloodbath! 

The government must protect life and property of all citizens NOT as a favor but as required by the Constitution. Ntuchiu says that residents will not allow their people to be treated like a game any more.

Titus Ntuchiu urged legislators avoid playing cheap politics over this grave matter. County Governments are not in charge of national security, so it’s surprising to see an elected leader visiting the area this evening & trying to blame the Governor over this situation. Security is a function of the national government which is checked by both houses, the Senate & National Assembly .

Senator and ’MPs mandated with constitutional powers to hold accountable and seek corrective governmental actions must wake up from their slumber according to the Meru County Deputy Governor.

Content created and supplied by: Tanqurey (via Opera News )

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