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'Maajabu' Woman Amazes Netizens After Drawing Tattoo On Her Back Supporting Dp Ruto

Our country right now is in an election mood as many presidential candidates are already on the ground selling their agendas to citizens in a move to look for many votes as the election keeps on nearing day by day.

Today a certain woman has amazed netizens through what she did in support of her capable presidential candidate that she is supporting. Through a photo in a renown facebook group known as, a woman's photo was posted with a tattoo drawn on his back written 'Ruto Tosha 2022'.(Photo| courtesy)

Netizens upon seeing this reacted saying that the woman did not make a wise decision since the tattoo is permanent and not erasable. Others said that people should not bring feelings into politics like the way she did. She should just be a loyal supporter and wait for the election to come for her to vote. Others said that it is diffucult being a husband to her while she has a man's name on her back. Below are some of the reactions:(Photo| courtesy)(Photo| courtesy)(Source screenshot)

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