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How Jubilee Government Will Disadvantage William Ruto in 2022

It is now evident that the President of the Republic of Kenya, his excellency Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta has completed spoiled for the deputy President William Samoei Ruto to be the fifth President of Kenya. Here are the reasons that will make William Ruto go home as Uhuru leaves the statehouse. First, the two principals have not fulfilled their promises to Kenyans. Kenyans can not forget that in 2013 Uhuru and Ruto stood and made several promises which are yet to be fulfilled.

Second and most important, Uhuru Kenyatta's government promised to fight corruption that had grown roots in Kenya up to the end. Unfortunately, his government has done very little about it. No single person has been jailed because of corruption allegations. The president seems to have empowered the corrupt government officials in his government. He has been transferring them from one ministry of the government to the other. This is the irony about Uhuru Kenyatta!

For instance, the latest revealed case of corruption has it that the original building expenses of the expressway by the US were estimated at ksh.185.9 billion but the jubilee government under Uhuru Kenyatta placed the cost at Ksh. 309.9 billion which is Ksh. 124 billion higher.

Of course, nobody can forget about the loss of billions of money in Kemsa. There is evidence about the grafts in the ministry of health but not even one person has been summoned in court. The President publicly confessed that Kenya has been losing Ksh. 2 billion daily because of corruption. Can you imagine a President with all the machinery of power publicly confessing that without giving a solution? Isn't it a big shame? How will you elect the Jubilee government for the third time by giving William Ruto the votes in 2022?

Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto have made this country poor. You can't compare the level of economic growth during the former President Kibaki's time and Uhuru. The country has borrowed in excess! Unfortunately, the money that is borrowed ends up being stolen by the politicians. Do you still have the guts of electing Ruto in 2022? 

This is enough evidence that Ruto will not become the President of the Republic of Kenya. Recently, International Criminal Court's prosecutor Madam Bensouda has refreshed the criminal charges against Deputy President William Ruto claiming that he participated in bribing of witnesses.

Ruto may not get a chance of vying for the presidency in 2022. With all these reasons on the table, Raila Odinga stands a chance of becoming the next President of the Republic of Kenya.

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