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Opinion: Reopening of Schools an eye-opener about Vocal MPs Verses Non-vocal MPs in service delivery

There has been an assumption about vocal leaders from the citizens in which most of the citizens believe that the more vocal a leader is, the more the service delivery.

However, this supposition is becoming outdated since there is sufficient evidence indicating poor services in regions with vocal MPs, and on the other hand there are "silent" MPs who are excellent performers.

Case study on Reopening of Schools

All eyes media have focused in Nyando constituency indicating pathetic conditions of school learning environment despite area MP Jared Okello being so vocal in the parliament and media platforms.

There was an expectation to see well-structured schools with conducive environment considering how vocal he is. The scenario has led to mocking messages from Kenyans and their colleagues

The same scheme has also been experienced in Nyeri Country specifically in the Kieni constituency. The area MP Hon Kanini Kega is very vocal not forgetting that he is the chairman of the Budget committee but despite that, he seems not delivering sufficiently.

On the other hand, some MPs are none vocal thus not known nationally but they have maintained contact with their voters by delivering services. For example, Subukia Member of Parliament Hon Samuel Gachobe has worked relentlessly in upgrading schools in his area.

Gachobe's main focus during the preparation for schools reopening was on refurbishing old classes, connecting classes with electricity, and building new classes.

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