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Uhuru Kenyatta Will Not Be Allowed To Impose His Successor, William Ruto's Enthusiast Warns

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Gideon Moi, Picture Courtesy.

The country is going through economically tough times in history worsened by Covid-19 pandemic that led to unemployment, loss of jobs and lives. It is also that period where Kenya is looking forward to twenty twenty two General Elections and politicians were already on the move fishing voters before President Uhuru Kenyatta banned political rallies as a way to curb spread of Covid-19. People have now turned to air their political views on social media platforms.

Following a post retweeted by Bonny Khalwale, the hustlers Nation believes that President Uhuru Kenyatta has failed the country that any candidate he will endorse will lose badly. He argues that President messed up everything which can only be fixed by UDA party leader William Ruto.


Ngugi: You must be sick really sick. Uhuruto has messed this country now you are saying ruto will make it better? You are sick.

James: Oh God. Seems like we never learn as kenyans. Look at people proposing the very people that have stagnated our economy since Kibaki days

Agnes: My view is that no one in this current regime will be able to sort out. They have all been there including the so called one alliance. However the way it looks we will have the same clout winning so nikukaza mishipi for even more problems.

What's your views about this?

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Bonny Khalwale Enthusiast Warns Gideon Moi Kenya Uhuru Kenyatta


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