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"Your Advisors Told You to Allow Parties in Naivasha And Close Businesses, You Failed Us" Uhuru Told

The Problems in the Country which are escalating day by day has aroused anger among Kenyans who shift their blames to the head of State president Uhuru Kenyatta for allegedly ignoring Kenyans who entrusted Him for the more powerful job.

A Video that has been circulating on social media for the better part of today shows a Young woman while angrily addressing Uhuru Kenyatta, purtaining the rising living standards.

According to the lady who decided to hide Her identity, She now says that the People who have been assigned to advise president Uhuru Kenyatta on a daily basis are doing the worst jobs, because they told Uhuru to allow people to go and throw a Party in Naivasha for the weekend, while businesses everywhere in the Country including Kakamega County are closed with reasons that Covid-19 will spread.

She however added that Uhuru and His allies organized the Madaraka day celebrations in Kisumu a while ago, where large crowds of people were seen on the streets participating in such event without Covid-19 protocols being observed, while He is ordering Kenyans to adhere to the Curfew rules.

"Hello Sir I am a lady from Kawangware who now resides in Kakamega and trying to survive. I would like to tell you that things are very tough for Kenyans because your advisors are doing a terrible job. This is the reason you allowed people to go to Naivasha to Party while poor people including Cobblers and Second hand cloth sellers are being harassed to close down businesses for fears of Covid-19 spreading. You also went with your allies in Kisumu, celebrated and aired yourselves out and spread Covid-19. "The lady said.

According to Her own view of things, Uhuru Kenyatta does not know what suffering is, and that He is basically applying double standards on Kenyans and being totally unfair. She said that ever since Uhuru was sworn in as the head of State, the price of everything including basic items like Cooking flour has shoot upwards.

"Please Sir you are just being unfair and you have no idea what Kenyans are going through. For the time that you have become the head of State, everything is expensive including cooking flour. Please you need to call an urgent meeting and address the issue quickly. "She added.

The lady was reacting to the ongoing situation in this Nation were businesses have been suffocated, even with time limits of closing and resuming work, something that has cost Kenyans alot even as the tax authorities are still waiting for Kenyans to contribute their own part of the payments.

Various leaders more specifically those allied to Tangatanga faction have directed their Missiles towards Uhuru Kenyatta for allegedly ignoring the dangers of the deadly virus and allowing Kenyans to go to the sporting event in Naivasha, despite the fact that most of them have not been vaccinated.

You can see the video after clicking on the link provided below :

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