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Another Strange Thing Happens In Israel

Israel was on the headline recently due to a conflict they had with Palestinians. The conflict led to the dead of more than one fifty people both Palestinians and Israelites. A lot of properties were also destroyed. However, after USA president made a phone call to Israel Prime Minister, both parties that were involved in the conflict agreed to have a ceasefire.

Few days after the ceasefire, Israelites have encountered another strange thing. The earth opened up and swallowed at least three vehicles. The incidence happened in Jerusalem hospital car park section. Fortunately no one was hurt by the phenomenon. The sinkholes are common nowadays. They are causes by numerous things. They can be caused by floods, human activities like underground tunnels among other things.

According to Jerusalem Hospital, the sinkhole may have been caused by a highway tunnel that is being dug nearby. Sinkholes have been reported in the United Kingdom, China among other nations.

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