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We're Done With Azimio; Nderitu Muriithi's Saturday Message Amid Plans By Uhuru MPs To Ditch Raila

Nderitu Muriithi, chairman of the azimio la umoja campaign board, has attempted to explain to Kenyans the real causes of the majority of the country's economic difficulties.

The former governor of Laikipia wrote an article that appeared in the Saturday standard that critics would like to attribute the high percentage of financially disadvantaged Kenyans to poor policies implemented by the handshake regime.

He said that the current administration was inciting Mount Kenya against Jubilee by taking advantage of the bad economic situation caused by COVID19 and imported inflation.

He said that it is simple to explain why Mount Kenyans were angry at the government, but now the anger was misplaced, citing the financial access report from 2021, which indicates that 15% of adults report a health financial situation, down from 40% in 2016.

He urged the Kenya kwanza administration's policymakers to stop pointing fingers and instead revive productivity, in addition to announcing the hustler fund, which aims to increase financial inclusion.

"For the past ten and a half decades, real wages have been stagnant.Prices are interest and exchange rates.A price change is measured by inflation.The medium of exchange for goods and services is finance.According to Muriithi, "productivity is the true source of wealth."

His thoughts come at a time when some Jubilee MPs who lost the last general election are now warming up to the Ruto government.

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