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OPINION: How much Money is Required for One to Vie for Presidency and Funding Campaigns

Independence electoral and boundaries commission (IEBC) regulates the amount of money that aspirants for various political seats uses during election period.

The limits are as follows, For Presidency you are not allowed to use more than ksh 5 billion in your campaigns, This was to ensure that voter bribery and money laundering is reduced.

Campaigns are normally opened three months to general election but some people can even start organising their rallies one year prior to election hence spending a lot of money.

All citizens are encouraged not to be lured with money and other gifts to vote for an individual who will not solve their problems once he or she rises to power. They should value manifesto that will Improve their standard of living.

When a politician spent much to win a seat they will end up becoming corrupt so that they recover what they lost. Thanks for reading my article.

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