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"I Will Do It Without Court Orders" Bold Attorney General Kihara Sends Out Strong Morning Message

The 2022 general elections approaching with speed and tension is building across the country. Kenyans are hardworking and they want leaders who will protect them and not leaders who will take advantage of the little they earn. Millions of Kenyans are jobless and many are languishing in poverty while cartels loot through government tenders.

Attorney General Paul Kihara has vowed to expose those behind government tenders despite our corrupt courts trying to stop him. According to him, The State will reveal secret owners of companies involved in government tenders and private-public partnerships without seeking a court order, in new regulations, as the government races to meet the stringent IMF conditions.

This is after the government started the process of amending the Beneficial Ownership regulation, which would allow the state to reveal individuals hiding behind the corporate veil through secret accounts, lawyers and nominees when doing business with the government. He also added that,

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