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Mt Kenya Tycoons Shape Up 2022 Politics Into Hustlers Versus Wealthy Dynasties

It's clear the Mt Kenya foundation a club of billionaires have already spoken out and vowed to support Raila Odinga 2022 statehouse quest moving into the 2022 general election. However that could be a blessing in disguise given already DP Ruto is dealing with hustlers as opposed to issues the billionaires.

According to DP Ruto allies, it's clear the tycoons have proved and cleared a path of what will happen in the 2022 general election. It's clear the contest in the 2022 general election will therefore be between the dynasties or the wealthy rich who have impoverished the hustlers for a long time through corrupt deals.

The fact of the matter is that the tycoons are few as opposed to the hustlers. Now that the billionaire tycoons have ganged up against William Ruto therefore the race is already defined as between the hustlers and the dynasties.

The fact of the matter is that the 2022 statehouse race has been defined clearly given their club belong to billionaires. They are only out to ensure the status quo remains so that they can continue to reap big from the government and continue to be wealthy at the expense of the common citizen.

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