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The County Executive of Education Challenges the government.

During an interview on citizen t.v on Day break show,Nairobi county Executive of education Janet Muthoni has challenged the Kenyan government on the issue of closing private schools in Kenya.

She challenged the government whether it will be able to absorb all the children in kenya if the private schools closes."I want to challenge the government,If all those private schools close, would the government of Kenya today like in Nairobi be able to absorb all those children?"she asked.

Currently there are 343 private schools in Kenya with over 158,000 teachers.If all the private school closes all the teachers will be unemployed.

Janet Muthoni Ouko defended parents whose children are in private schools by saying it is not by choice they have made the decision.She also added that the notion people always have about parents who take their children to private schools have money is not valid.She also added that parents are being denied the choice of choosing schols for their children.

She admitted that at ECD,they are overwhelmed because they recieved 30,000 children more than what they had planned for."We didn't know what to do with them because they were doing a figure of 27,000",she said.

She said it is the government's responsibility to offer free, quality and compulsory basic education.She said the government is in no position to do so for all the children in Kenya without the help of the private schools.

She adviced the government to look at the private sector from a different point of view.She said the private sector is their partner and the government should not view them from the point of only making profit.

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