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Political Experts Allege Secret Plan In Ruto's Gov't That Might Worsen The Cost Of Living

Kenyans have continued to air different views after the ongoing plans to increase the price of fuel in the country. It is revealed that the VAT of fuel might be increased from 8 to 16 and this might change the cost of living in the country. According to political experts, they allege that the ongoing plans to increase the VAT in the country might worsen the living standard of kenyans. They allege that when the VAT will be increased, the price of commodities will also increase and kenyans will suffer alot. They revealed that this action will not only affects the people who own vehicles but also those who are ridding on a bodaboda.

However, it is not clear if the bill will be passed in the national assembly or the MPs will reject the proposal. What is your view concerning this action taken by Ruto's government to raise the VAT of fuel in the country?

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