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People who came face to face with ''ghosts'' in haunted Ruiru house speak about their experience

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Rumors that have been going round about this Ruiru home claiming that it is haunted may be true. This can be established after witnesses who came face to face with the alleged ghosts speak up about what they experienced. It was alleged that unknown forces chases people who dare to go inside the building hence it has never been occupied for over 30 years now.

Seven locals who gathered the courage to go into the haunted house spoke up about their experience there. Patrick Juma, one of those who went in the building narrates that they were able to get inside the compound through the gate. They patrolled the compound without anything suspicious. They then decided to get inside the house.

Inside they found everything was in order with normal house appliances. He says hell broke loose when they opened one of cardboards that carried cutlery. The spoons and sticks started beating them hard. He narrates the scene was like a movie and they had to run away. When they left the house they found the gate was locked..

When they tried to open the gate unseen people started slapping them. They received a punishment of their life before the gate opened by itself. Juma says from that day he has never even passed near the house.

Martha Kinuthia who is aware of the history the house holds says the only person who tried to rent a house there found his items scattered after he arranged them and had to leave. This was in 2000. Anyone who puts their items in the house finds them thrown out.

Martha says only the watchman, a frail man enters the building in the night and leaves early in the morning. Even the owner of the building no longer lives in that subcounty.

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