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5 Reasons why you should read and understand the Constitution

The Constitution of a country is a comprehensive guide that outlines how the government of that country should conduct its affairs and how to treat its citizens. Many people are not aware what the constitution is or its importance in their lives. Maybe you are missing out good opportunities for not having knowledge about the constitution.

It is important that all citizens of a country get to read and understand the book due to some of the following reasons:

1.To avoid being mistreated by anyone including those in the government

The Constitution clearly outlines the rights of each and every person and therefore knowing your rights is good because you will know what to do or where to go to whenever a person denies you your rights.

2.To be in a position to help others

There are those people in our society who maybe inconvenienced by reading for example the deaf and dumb, young children etc and they may need our help for them to get justice. This can be done only if you know the victim's rights as stated in the constitution.

3.To help in building the government and the nation at large.

You can do this by simply exercising your democratic right which is known to you by doing things like voting for your preferred leaders through elections, keeping the environment clean etc. You can also decide to present yourself as a candidate in the elections if at all you meet the requirements as stipulated in the Constitution

4.To be able to hold your leaders accountable

You can do this if the leader you elected does not perform the functions outlined in the constitution with utmost good faith. The leader might me corrupted which is illegal or he may not be fit for office due other gross reasons like racism.

5.To know the culture of the people of a country

The constitution also states clearly all details about the culture of the people of the country and what is accepted or not accepted by the people.

Make it a challenge for you to know the constitution and you will be amused on how much it protects you and you will be happy.

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