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Major Concern After Ruto's Ally Alleges IG, Mutyambai's plan on Sen. Linturi Who Was Arrested

Kikuyu Member of Parliament, Hon. Kimani Ichungwah has raised concern over the manner in which Muranga Senator, Mithika Linturi has been handled by Police Officers after being arrest. Sen. Linturi was arrested in Eldoret town after his "madoadoa" remarks which he made during UDA's Mega rally.

Photo Courtesy/ Kikuyu MP, Hon. Kimani Ichungwah

Sen. Linturi urged Rift Valley residents to remove all "madoadoa" in the region a statement which angered many Kenyans. His sentiments according to many meant that Rift Valley residents should do away with people not supporting Ruto's UDA Party. Hon. Kimani Ichungwah has now raised concern over the manner in which police officers have handled the Muranga Senator.

@KIMANIICHUNGWAH Sen Linturi is arrested in Eld driven 2 Nkr then 2 Nrb, then drive him back to Nakuru in the night? @IG_NPS if he even gets a flu you will be held 2 account.We know your plans! Hustler nation is all over around you & the desperation 4 a narrative will kill those instructing you!

Photo Courtesy/ Muranga Senator, Mithika Linturi who was arrested over alleged hate speech

Hon. Kimani Ichungwah has questioned why Sen. Linturi was arrested in Eldoret, driven to Nakuru, transferred to Nairobi then taken back to Nakuru at night. He has warned the Inspector General of National Police Service, Hillary Mutyambai that he will be held responsible if the Senator gets a flu. He has even warned top Police bosses that there desperation to create a narrative will kill them.

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