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'This Is The Fate For Those MCAs Who Voted Against BBI Bill' Says Joshua Kuttuny

Speaking today in Eldorect, the Cherangani Member of Parliament, Joshua Kuttuny, has put it out clear the details of the fate of those Jubilee Party MCAs that voted against the constitutional change program (BBI). Kutunny who is the Deputy Secretary General of Jubilee has said that those MCAs are going to be punished by the party. "We have received complaints about the conduct of the MCAs and we are in the process of serving them so that they explain why they acted against the party through which they got to where there are,” he said.

Kutunny's threats comes a month later after Raphael Tuju's threat, also to the MCAs that fail to pass the bill. For the case of Tuju and who is the Secretary General to Jubilee Party, he wrote a letter days before the MCAs started the whole voting activity in the county assemblies.

Although the BBI bill passed the required quorum of 28 county assemblies passing a 'Yes' over it, only 3 county assemblies have failed to support it. Decision by the Jubilee Party to punish its members who failed to vote for BBI, is due to the fact that it was the party's agreement and decision to support BBI. Therefore those who disobeyed the agreement, are eligible for a punishment.

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