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Possible Reasons Why Dp Ruto Is Attacking Mount Kenya Governors For Supporting Raila Odinga

Deputy president William Ruto. Photo courtesy.

Deputy president William Ruto is currently touring Mount Kenya East region. Together with his allies, they have pitched a tent in Meru county, drumming support for their hustlers nation narrative. While in Meru, Ruto made it clear that, he is not agreeing with the fact that Jubilee Party allied governors from the region are supporting his competitor, Hounerable Raila Odinga. Through his speech, he demanded that, governor Kiraitu Murungi ceases to support Odinga and join his camp. He alleged that, Kiraitu was imposing Raila to the people, who are only interested in voting in bottom up proponents.

While in Kiambu County two days ago, he also took issues with Kiambu county governor, Nyoro. He claimed that, it was an insult to the people who voted in Jubilee government. He continued by saying that, the Party which he helped form the government has able people who can lead the country and there is no need of going an extra mile to back opposition chief.

Governor Kiraitu Murungi. Photo courtesy.

Well, his public attacks on governors has landed him in trouble today. Leaders from Mount Kenya region have written to him, demanding that he stops attacking them for not supporting his dream. Citing yesterday's rally, they have claimed that, the second in command is trying to turn them against residents, so that he wins over the region. Well, let's wait and see if the second in command will respond to that warning.

Well, what might be the main reason to Why Dp Ruto is firing at Kiraitu Murungi and Nyoro of Kiambu County? Here are some of the possible reasons. Let me start with Kiraitu Murungi of Meru county. Murungi is someone who has been in politics for a long time. He understands the dynamic of politics and to add on top of his illustrious career. He has never lost an election. In 2017, he took on then, governor Munya for the top seat. He managed to unseat him making him the second boss of Meru county government. Not having Murungi on his side, is something that Ruto knows it will be hard for him to get the region to support him.

Kiambu county governor Nyoro. Photo courtesy.

While touring Meru, Orange democratic party leader was accompanied with both Munya and Murungi. Something that is giving Ruto's camp pressure maybe to get one of them in their Tangatanga camp. His attacks on Murungi might be a plot to turn his against his people, and make him loose the ground come 2022. If this works, he might achieve his dream of getting Mount Kenya region votes as ablock.

Now, let me get back to Kiambu county governor Nyoro. The county is one of the area that has a lot of voters. In 2017, it produced over one million votes to president Kenyatta sealing his presidency. It is one of the counties that guaranteed Uhuru his position against Raila Odinga. With governor Nyoro now supporting Odinga. It is a threat to Ruto who is looking forward to convincing people to vote for him.

The other problem for Ruto is, former area governor, Hounerable Kabogo is now singing to Odinga's tune. It will be hard for Ruto to outdo them if they all manage to support Odinga come 2022. This are some of reasons to his latest Attacks to county bosses. He might be having a plan to scatter them and use that opportunity to sell his Husters nation agenda.

Governor Kiraitu Murungi with Orange democratic party leader Hounerable Raila Odinga. Photo courtesy.

Orange democratic party leader, Hounerable Raila Odinga is yet to make public his plans. He is expected to announce his way forward on 9nth December 2022. Something that people are really waiting to hear his plans for the country ahead of 2022 general election. Well, let's wait and see if he will make it clear that, he will be facing Ruto come 2022.

Deputy president William Ruto with President Uhuru Kenyatta. Photo courtesy.

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