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"Mitumba should be banned," Robert Alai's remarks anger Kenyans

President Uhuru Kenyatta had announced the uplifting of the ban on "Mitumba trade" which saw many Kenyans suffer.Majority of Kenyans are the middle income earners and low income earners who depend on the odd jobs to earn a living.Most Kenyans are involved in the informal sector with many dealing in "Mitumba trade".

"Mitumba trade" on other hand means second hand clothes.The clothes are usually shipped from the European countries and brought to Kenya which in turn is sold to the low income earners.Not everyone can afford going to the boutique or fashion houses to purchase clothes.

Popular blogger,Robert Alai received the wrath of Kenyans after castigating the President for uplifting the ban on Mitumba clothes.

@RobertAlai When we have Mpigs instead of MPs, they praise mediocrity. 

Mitumba shouldn’t be a means of survival in this day and age. Mitumba SHOULD BE BANNED. 

Seeing Kenyans wearing used inner wears with politics leaders cheering is depressing. 

Absolute madness!!

He called for the ban of "Mitumba trade" which is a source of employment for thousands of Kenyans.He received the wrath of Kenyans with many castigating him.

@AllanFo97658698 Wewe wacha ujinga, kila mtu anunue what he wants, unaongea vibaya na kwa profile umevaa mtumba.

@dixonootieno1 Iwuoyo ga nade Alai... that's what you bought and wore until a time you could afford to buy clothes

@NiMwatha I have seen middle class people buying second hand clothes almost the same price as a new cloth , but something tells them that new clothes are VERY expensive, I don’t know how to fix this .

@jayaseto The only mediocrity here is you! Dude people don’t even have money to buy food! How do you not get affording a brand new cloth worth KES 500+ is impossible for some people? & you probably grew in poverty bt now coz you have some little money you looking down on the poor..kwenda!

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