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How To Make Some Fast Cash In Kenya During The Election Period.

Currently, you might have realised that most politicians are keen on the elections and very few are serving Kenyans. This is because everyone wants a share of the government so that they can make some more money. Even though several people might consider this a nuisance, many people have seen this as a business opportunity and are making a ton of profit from it.

Here is how to make some cash in Kenya during the electioneering period.

1. Hiring your car to a politician.

If you have a presentable car, you can take the chance to cash in. Since most politicians in Kenya do not own many cars, they prefer to hire cars and brand them for their campaigns. They will even allow you as the owner of the car to drive it and even fuel it for you during their rallies. This is one of the easiest ways to earn some cash without much struggle.

2. Get paid for attending a rally.

Since several politicians are not able to attract huge crowds of people to attend their rallies, they tend to hire people and even provide transport for them to attend the rallies to make people believe that they are quite popular. Most politicians tend to look for University students who are very vibrant and energetic. If you have nothing to do at home, this might be a great way of getting some fast cash.

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