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Why Nationwide Extension of Dust to Dawn Curfew is The Only Option (Opinion)

It is now almost one year since curfew rules were set by the government in a move to control the spread of Covid 19. Being a pandemic that is not absolute in whatever manner it can be handled, the virus is still a threat to the world killing many every day.

Coming close to the end of the extension period set by the president in regards to curfew hours, it is in my opinion that the president is likely to extend the curfew period for even a longer period. This is according to variants that are currently against the lifting of the curfew hours.

Currently, there are new variants of the virus across the world with our nearest threat being the South African string of the virus. With this comes the uncertainty of the virus. And for this reason, the president is more likely to extend the curfew period for some good time.

New cases of the number of victims are continuing to rise in Kenya lately as announced by the ministry of health. This could be because Kenyans are starting to ignore conditions set to control the spread of the virus-like social distancing and the use of face masks.

Getting closer to Easter holidays, the government is expected to tighten the measures including holding curfew hours for many people hype Easter holidays and these would come up with many travels especially those going to upcountry and for holidays. Parties too and celebrations would definitely result in ignoring of measures set to contain the spread of the virus.

With those being my possible reasons behind the curfew extension period, it is most likely that the president will choose to hold on to curfew which is against the wish of most Kenyans. As we wait for presidential updates and directives on the same let us hope it will be in favor of our wishes. Thank you.

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