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OPINION: Four Things Uhuru Kenyatta Should do to Kenyans Before Getting Out of Office.

One, bring the culprits of gross corruption to book. Either you get the public looters in jail or you’ll go down history as the biggest beneficiary of graft crimes under your watch. 

Two, let money circulate in the country. Your development projects are not felt on the ground. You’ve bottled up the money. Reimagine the CRB model in Kenya. If entrepreneurs can’t borrow money for seven years because they were listed for skipping repayments for three months, how do you expect the youth to get jobs when businesses are closing down? 

Three, protect local industries. How can Kenyans import eggs, rice, wheat flour, maize flour, tooth picks, processed coffee? Where’s the creativity of your government? Or, are you corrupted by external forces? 

Four, destroy the unnecessary business cartels in construction, pharmaceutical, banking and oil and gas. Allow level and free trade. For instance, how do you ask someone registering a construction company to prove he has engineers and earthmovers and other heavy machinery? How does a beginner afford bulldozers? Why not register them for small works? 

Last, thank you for your sound leadership and the great development projects you’ve implemented.

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