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No Flight Zone? Joe Bidens Home Treated With More Security details as nears winning

A secret service agent. [photo/ Courtesy]

In high anticipation that Joe Bidens might be declared the winner in the much watched American presidential elections, more secret service officers have been deployed in his home and Delaware party headquarters.

According to the Washington post, Joe Bidens is expected to make an address tonight if he is declared the winner in those elections.

Furthermore, CNN have also reported that Federal Aviation Administration in the country have sent an alert to its pilots informing them of the no Flight zone in a radius of about one mile around Joe Bidens home. It reports that the flight restriction will hold upto next week on Wednesday.

The new security's change comes in preparation of offering the former Vice president more security in an event he's declared the winner.

Already, based on the States' results, Joe Bidens is ahead of incumbent president Donald Trump by a small margin.

According to Associated Press, Joe Bidens has got 264 electoral votes while Republican's Trump has got 214 electoral votes.

If Joe Bidens will in the end be declared the winner, he will be poised with more security before being sworn in January 2021 based on American constitution.

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