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Former Governor Aspirant Allegedly Erroneously Posts a Sensitive Message on His WhatsApp Status

A vocal former governor aspirant from a leading county in the western region has become the latest talk of the town. This is after the former aspiring county boss mistakenly shared a sensitive message on his WhatsApp status that he intended to send to his senior.

Sources appraised of this occurrence have observed that the former gubernatorial aspirant hurriedly deleted it after realizing his mistake. Unfortunately, those who had already read the message had managed to screenshot it and shared it widely before he deleted it.

Word has it that in a matter of minutes, the message was trending on numerous WhatsApp groups in the county and other social media platforms. Even the senior politician who was the intended receiver of that message came across it on social media.

The politico had written to lament to his superior that access to a certain powerful office had been restricted unlike previously when he could pop in anytime. He was therefore seeking preferential treatment. The ex-governor was begging to be granted unlimited access to that office which seemingly is of great importance to him.

Furthermore, the fiery politician spilled certain sensitive information that was supposed to remain between him and the senior politician he was addressing. As a result, party heavyweights are contemplating looking into those allegations which carry a lot of weight concerning the management of campaign funds for the recently concluded general election.

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