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Gachagua DP Dream: Recover Frozen Money In His Accounts And Build House For Women To Drink Porridge

If the Kenya Kwanza coalition is successful in capturing the presidency in the elections scheduled for August, the presidential running mate of William Ruto has sworn to retrieve the money that was held in escrow in his accounts.

Gachagua claims that he will be able to retrieve the funds that were frozen in 2020 as a result of the government's investigation into the origin of 12.5 billion Kenyan Shillings that traveled through his bank accounts.

During a political gathering in the neighborhood, the Mathira MP made the following statement: "And you know if we take over the government... you know this government froze my money, and when we take over, the money would be unfrozen."

According to Gachagua, the funds will be utilized to develop infrastructure at his home where women will engage in conversation with his wife Dorcas and males would have a fireside talk with Gachagua.

"I set up a good house and a small house ya wazee ya kuchomea nyama as they take their favorite drinks as we converse - sawa?" "I built up a good house and a small house ya wazee ya kuchomea nyama.

"After that, for the ladies, I set up a space where they may pay a visit to Mama Gachagua and eat porridge while they thank the Lord and sing songs. And because I know how much you ladies enjoy dancing, I will set up a kinanda for you to dance to," Gachagua stated as he tried to convince the locals to move there.

In addition, the Kenya Kwanza presidential running partner invited locals to invite him to all of the unfinished churches, claiming that he will assist in the construction of those buildings.

In 2020, the Assets and Recovery Agency placed a freeze on Gachagua's bank accounts while it investigated the origin of the 12.5 billion shillings in assets he possessed.

Since then, the Member of Parliament has insisted that he did not misappropriate the monies and has accused the relevant agencies of pursuing him because of his loyalty to Deputy President William Ruto.

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