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A Thorn in the Flesh That Uhuru Must Contend With

The offices of the deputy president worldwide are constitutional and should be respected as so. Kenya is not an exception to this law, especially after inauguration of the 2010 constitution. Both the president and the deputy president hold the constitutional office of the presidency and therefore head the executive arm of government.

The deputy president plays many roles as assigned by the president. They are also expected to support unrelentlessly all the government policies and projects and be front row in executing the presidents agenda for the country. Key among all the functions is that the DP assumes presidency in a situation that the president is incapacitated or is away for personal issues like health or judicial. In such a case the individual carries a personal title and not the constitutional title of a president. It can be remembered, fir example, that when president Uhuru Kenyatta was heading to Hague for a case, he went as an individual and left the presidency role to his Deputy president, Ruto. This is clearly evident that the two are espoused by constitutional and should work as a single entity.

However, there are always ideology differences that cause a rift between the president and his deputy. The DP Dr.Ruto has for quite some time been conflicting with his boss,the president. In what is seen as insatiable desire to rise to presidency, Ruto has very strongly castigated the government's moves, a thing that leaves Kenyans wondering who exactly the government is. This has left Uhuru Kenyatta grudgingly threatening his deputy to resign from the government than bite a hand that feeds him.

The bitter part is that Uhuru Kenyatta cannot sack his deputy. Unlike the presidents before him who would hire and fire their vice presidents at will, uhuru is hand-tied by law. It can be remembered that president moi under the old constitutional would not contend with a rival VP. At a certain time in his regime he stayed without a vice president after suspending Prof. Saitoti. For Uhuru Kenyatta, he just have to swallow the bitter pill of having a deputy who has turned to opposition. Probably, the law should see how to fix such a scenario in future. All said and done, it is the citizens who suffer amidst this rift.

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