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Key Reason Why Jimi Wanjigi Never Disclose His Worth

Jimi wanjigi has said that he can never disclose what he owns despite being expected to feature in the upcoming august polls.

While being interviewed on date 28th March the billionaire said that he himself does never check his account balance elaborating that it is a taboo for any individual to follow up with his wealth.

Jimi gave an example of African communities where one is not allowed to count goats or cows an individual owns.

"In our African society, a man who owns cows is not allowed to count the number of cattle he owns. It is a taboo. 

"Just in the same way, I do not look at my bank account balance to check how much money I have. I also do not look at the value of land that I own. That is a practice of western countries," he further elaborated.

Safina party presidential aspirant made it clear that he will be on the ballot and will will the presidency during the rerun. Expounding that it is impossible for a candidate to win in the first round.

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African Jimi Safina


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