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Mandago Speaks on Whom he Supports Between Buzeki Or Chelilim Of UDA.

Political rivalry is escalating in Uasin Gishu County. However, Governor Jackson Mandago left Kenyans perplexed as to why the UDA party has such a large number of resentful political figures that abhor being told the truth. Buzeki freely admitted that Mandago had mistreated the people of Uasin Gishu County during a live debate that was shown on community television. 

He further asserted that his militia and his Sugoi boss intended to use force against anyone who did not want to support the UDA party in the elections scheduled for August. Elections are coming up soon, and the situation in Uasin is tense, so Jackson Mandago was so furious that he declared to the public that he would keep fighting Buzeki until he lost.

Well, this has certainly stirred up some discussion among Kenyans, and some have criticized it as being uninteresting. However, I really liked how Buzeki said that he would first appoint officials on a contract basis and then, once they had proven to be helpful to the people of Usain Gishu, offer them full-time posts.

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