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Leave Alone President Uhuru & Raila, Dp Ruto Is The Real 'Chess-Master' [OPINION]

It's merely 2 days after speculations emerged citing President Uhuru Kenyatta plots to shutdown Dp Ruto politically ahead of 2022 General Elections.

However, it's now evident that all-along, Deputy President William Ruto has been the smart one even after President Uhuru Kenyatta sidelined him for Raila Odinga.

(Photo Courtesy/File/Ruto, Uhuru & Raila)

This comes after President Uhuru Kenyatta's bedroom (Mt Kenya) is currently the one campaigning more for Dp Ruto to an extent of plots to crown him as the Mt Kenya's Political Kingpin are underway.

Mt Kenya's move illustrates how despite the fact President Uhuru Kenyatta disregarded and thought merging with Raila Odinga would derail Dp Ruto, the Deputy President was busy strengthening ties in Uhuru's bedroom as far as his 2022 Presidencial bid is concerned.

On the other hand, true Rt Raila Odinga has reaped heavy from 'Handshake' but politically he seems to be loosing focus in that he only concentrates on irrelevant issues while Dp Ruto is busy winning votes in everywhere he steps on.

(Photo Courtesy/File/Google)

Previously, details emerged of plots in Rift Valley to re-unite President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto after their prolonged disconnect which simply turns out to be meaningless to Dp Ruto whom reportedly believes the Wanjiku are behind his back.

Who is outsmarting the other? Who has gained more ever since the kick-off of Handshake? It all appears to be the Dp .

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