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Nyanza MP Caught Red Handed With Pornographic Content on His Phone

A Nyanza MP faced one of the most embarrassing moments in front of his wife and his juniors.They were at a trade Union meeting in Geneva when all this happened.According to the mp, he received the videos from one of his supporters while he was still at the meeting.

The mp said that he got concerned and decided to open the video because he thought it might be a sensitive matter.To his suprise the videos starting playing unimaginable content at the climax of the phone volume.It was a very embarrassing situation as he turned down the volume and moved out to delete the videos.He apologized for the inconvenience and got back to the meeting.

"To his dismay, they were pornography. With his phone volume at maximum, the videos began playing to the shock of the trade unionist’s wife. Feeling embarrassed, he struggled to turn off the video before excusing himself to go out and delete them." Nation reported.

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