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Opinion: Two Leaders Who Could Take Over The Leadership Mantle After Raila Odinga

There has been a question that many people cannot answer between Luos on who might take Raila's position after he has retired.

Several names have been mentioned prior and even upto now.Just to mention current ODM party chairman as well as Suba South Mp Hon.John Mbadi,Dr.Miguna Miguna and Embakasi East Mp Paul Ongili Owino best known as 'Babu Owino'.

Among the three great candidates,am seeing two who are likely to stiffly compete for the post and that is Babu Owino and Dr.Miguna Miguna.

Miguna Miguna is a lawyer and was formerly known as the leader of National Resistance Movement (NRM).He is a man with political ambitions as well as hard working.

He does his work with a lot of integrity and justice that is fighting for the people's right and freedom by echoing people's voices.

His work as a lawyer as well the National Resistance Movement leader was so appealing and he actually showed that he is a capable luo leader.

He possesses all the desirable qualities of a good leader thus able to lead even the nation.

Babu Owino is also a young potential upcoming leader.However young he is,he has shown his potential of leadership as well as his political ambitions.

He a well committed man even in his duties as Embakasi East Mp.He is ready for sacrifice and dedication when fighting for people's rights and freedom.

He as well possesses the desirable qualities of a good leader thus able to lead the nation with wisdom.Although he is still young,his ambition describes him as a leader.Both Babu Owino and Dr.Miguna Miguna have almost same qualities thus endorsing one of them as a leader may be dilemma.

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