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Bad News For Joe Biden As Voter Fraud Claims Emerge

Joe Biden has been going through a lot this past few days as people are questioning how he won the Elections. Some of them claim that he stole the votes and won the elections. A video has been trending online and in the video, the person was shouting that Joe Biden has stolen the vote.

Here are the comments:

Kistine: Why did Fox cut away from Kayleigh McEnany when she started talking about voter fraud? But they have voter fraud segments coming out their wazoo otherwise. They're so full of shit. Everything Fox does is to rile the GOP base. Cutting away from McEnany was planned.

I am Groot: Trying to figure out if this is edited for comedic effect or actually happened on fox news. Because I wouldn't be surprised if it did.

Little Bear: The story doesn’t make sense, if that even has to be said. What people who are committing a crime hide near a van marked boldly in the name of who they are committing the crime for? 

Nope. It’s just more inciting bs.

Tu Madre: Oh you know..the same people that fly to another state to get their laptop full of incriminating info. fixed then fly back home and forget about their laptop🙄

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