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"I Refuse To Insult or Betray The President," Itumbi Destroys controversial Miguna

Courtesy Facebook

Former presidential aide Dennis Itumbi has spoke out his mind clear that he does not intend to insult or abuse president Uhuru Kenyatta anytime soon.

While replying to exiled controversial exiled Miguna Miguna who had earlier accused him of living in denial and fear for not abusing the head of state, Itumbi said he respected the president very much as he a friend and a mentor to him.

He further said he respect the president and his deputy William Ruto for they were duly elected by Kenyans thus the duo deserve to be honoured.

"No bro, I do not live in FEAR or Denial. President Uhuru Kenyatta is a friend and Mentor. I find no reason to insult him. I may disagree on a few issues, does not make us enemies. #UhuRuto was elected by a majority of the vote. That said, I refuse to be part of the Betrayal!"He replied to Miguna.

Miguna Miguna was weighing in on Itumbi's earlier tweet congratulating his hard hitting critic political analyst prof Mutahi Ngunyi for landing his new state house job, defending the government.

"Congratulations @MutahiNgunyi for your new office @StateHouseKenya - Godspeed! We will remember your words,"when men are no longer afraid of lying, they are no longer afraid of doing greater evils. If they lie and begin to believe their lies, they will even kill to protect them,"Itumbi earlier tweeted.

Courtesy Twitter

Itumbi who was kicked out of statehouse and his post declared redundant by the public service commission,has never been caught insulting the head of state.

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