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Cold War Erupts in William Rutos' Camp Arising from his long-term Allies

As the two parties compete for dominance in the incoming government, a cold war has broken out in Kenya Kwanza between President-elect William Ruto's longtime loyalists and those who are joining the alliance after the elections.

The old group, which stood by Mr. Ruto throughout his battle against President Uhuru Kenyatta, believes they are deserving of more respect than those who have joined since Mr. Ruto was crowned the election's victor last month.

The Deputy President's decision to sign post-election agreements with several groups that had previously supported Raila Odinga, the leader of the Azimio, has made things worse and caused friction among his staunchest UDA followers.

Some KKA (Kenya Kwanza Alliance) leaders have raised concerns that some new members may be looking to reap what they have not sown and should not be permitted to unseat the coalition's original members.

Several elected officials from the Azimio coalition have been stolen by Mr. Ruto. Soon after voting, Ali Roba, the senator-elect for Mandera and the UDM, accompanied a group of the party's elected members to Mr. Ruto's official Karen residence.

UDM gained a number of MCA positions as well as two governorships, two Senate seats, a woman representative, five National Assembly seats, and other seats. Each has enrolled in Kenya Kwanza.

David Ochieng, the Ugenya MP and head of the Movement for Democracy and Growth (MDG) party, another Azimio affiliate, has also joined Dr. Ruto. Kivutha Kibwana, the former governor of Makueni and leader of the Muungano Party of Kenya, has also joined.

When former Kisii Governor James Ongwae, former Woman rep Janet Ong'era, and officials from the Abagusii tribe joined Dr. Ruto's camp on Friday, South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro was there to document the unease among Mr. Ruto's longtime allies.

Extreme caution

According to Mr. Osoro, the Kenya Kwanza would handle latecomers very cautiously because some of individuals who are joining them now don't have genuine intentions. He bemoaned the fact that such people denigrated them during elections and that they had to wait to gain from Mr. Ruto's leadership before pioneers.

"We will work with them cautiously because some have a poor track record with the electorate. Hustler nation is not about bossy attitudes, Mr. Osoro said yesterday. "We welcome them," but they won't reap benefits from where they didn't sow."

He said that the country requires new leadership because the older generation of leaders is no longer in power.

A Generational Shift

"The roles were reversed, and the age group changed. We can forget, but not forgive. I can assure you that nothing has and will not produce anything. Ignore it. It's time for some fresh blood," Mr. Osoro wrote on Facebook.

Some of Dr. Ruto's allies, including Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi and Nandi Senator Samson Cherargey, have argued that those who supported the departing administration in order to degrade them are not welcome in Kenya Kwanza and, if they do come, shouldn't be given a seat at the table before others are allowed to join them.

The two were referring to Tourism CS Najib Balala, who had declared himself prepared to assist President-elect Ruto.

By Tuesday, when Ruto's government will take office, "I know we will cease to be ministers," Mr. Balala said. "At that point, we might be called to stay until the new appointees take over or we will be told to go home and wait to hand over."

However, Senator Cherargey argued that individuals close to President Kenyatta should step down with him since they have no place in the new administration.

"Retire with Uhuru quietly. You have served 15 years and the tourist sector fell. He insulted Kenyans when the 10 rhinos inexplicably died, went to bed with despots while Dr. Ruto was being humiliated, and he shall not be anywhere near the Kenya Kwanza government," stated Mr. Cherargey.

No special consideration

Johnson Muthama, the chairman of the UDA, however, asserted that no one would receive preferential treatment regardless of when they joined, stressing that not everyone could obtain a Cabinet position.

"Questions about who arrived later or sooner shouldn't be raised. We want to build a government that unites all Kenyans, and that is what is at stake," according to Mr. Muthama.

"There is no preference for any specific person or group of individuals, but Kenyans are given preference. We must always have just one minister in each of the cabinet roles at any one moment. We can't have just two or ten," he continued.

He said that people won't receive rewards based on how much they contributed to Dr. Ruto's triumph, which won't sit well with those who are currently vying for posts.

The UDA chairman declared, "There is nothing like people being honored for their communities or contributions."

Not Talking about Positions

Maendeleo Dr. Alfred Mutua, the leader of the Chap Chap and one of the alliance's key figures, stated that they are still promoting national unity and have not discussed positions with new members.

Kenya Kwanza is a large family where members are recruited either as teachers or important leaders. To strengthen and improve the proposed Kenya Kwanza administration, new participants are encouraged. Unity, stability, and improving Kenyans' livelihoods are the main priorities. As of yet, Dr. Ruto has not discussed or assigned any tasks. The time has not yet come, according to Dr. Mutua.

Martin Wanyonyi, a member of parliament representing Webuye East, continued, "As a government, we have room for everyone. No one in the coalition holds a permanent role.

Didmus Barasa, a Kimilili MP, stated on Saturday that anyone joining KKA at this time is welcome, but that does not imply that they will assume founder positions.

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