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Chaos in Matungu By-election as a Youth at Munami Polling Station Snatches Ballot Box(Video)

Voters in Matungu Constituency took to the ballot early Thursday morning to decide who their next representative in the National Assembly will be after the demise of Hon Justus Murunga.

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However, the process has remained a chaotic process with claims of planned irregularities by various candidates on the by-election with the race being between ODM, UDA and ANC candidates.

Tension has risen high in Matungu Constituency amid the ongoing by-election after a youth at Munami polling station in Matungu snatcheed the ballot box.

The incident provoked the police officers who were manning the Munami police station, leaving them helpless without doing anything to stop the youths.

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The action of the youths in Matungu has sparked a series of reactions from Kenyans including;

"Solution., in my honest opinion is to invest in technology and let voting go digital @ the comfort of your office/ home/ car/bed." - Osolo Josh

"Can't we have peaceful elections for once? This looks bad especially given that 2022 is still to come." - Joseph Burundi

"Hoodlums once snatched several ballot boxes and boarded a motor boat to God knows where, suspect behind the curtains and his team were declared winners!" - Tom Gombe

"The youth has gone to count the votes be patient with him." - Kariuki Timothy

"Oparanya should get some lessons of rigging." - Samuel Amunga

"Even stealing requires some intelligence. An ODM member masquerading as an IEBC official was caught with a stuffed ballot box. Hata nyayo was not this sloppy." - Sam Wain

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