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Alleged Dirty Tricks Used By Politicians To Clear Their Soiled History

In a story done by Daily Nation earlier today, it was revealed how politicians erase their dirty history. Usually before a politician goes for a political seat, they are supposed to be cleared by the EACC for any corruption cases or any other criminal deeds that they might have done. Any politician who is found to have some ‘’dark’’ post is disqualified.

However, there are ways that even politicians with dirty past use to clear their name from government systems and also blogs such that their dark past becomes just history.

From the expose it was revealed that some politicians pay hackers some amount of money and its these hackers who get into these systems and rub off the cases that might be against them. If lets say an opera writer wrote about a certain politician, then the hacker can easily clear that history from online such that it becomes untraceable.

The information was as given by a politician from central Kenya who said a friend of his spent 3.5 million to have his dirty linen removed from websites. However instead of going the hackers way, some politicians are said to pay the authorities directly i.e. those at the EACC to have their names directly removed. For a huge amount of money though.

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