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Kenyans React After Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati Posted These Photos

Kenyans have reacted after the Bungoma governor Wycliffe Wangamati posted these photos on his official Facebook page.

Through his official Facepage page Wangamati posted photos of him having lunch at a local joint by the name mama Jano.

"Governor Wycliffe Wangamati savours 'Chapo beans' for lunch kwa Jano, with area residents," his post read. 

Wangamati who was elected on a Ford Kenya Party ticket is serving his first term in office as Bungoma governor. 

He is also a staunch supporter of the opposition leader Raila Odinga and president Uhuru Kenyatta Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) bill 

Benito Benito Simiyu wrote "Wakati ya #kura ikikaripia surely any politician can use all means do lure wananchi wakawaida kweli Lola Nono,, Meanwhile i am not opposing www he has done tremendous thing in bungoma but 2022 will determine whether to be re-elected or to be kicked out of office,"

Galaxy M Sichei wrote "Ask the Governor that why the road from Chepkaka~Lukhome~Mpakani~Kapsambu~ Chebich is not on progress?

It's about to rain!Yet minister for roads told us some 4 months back that the work was going to commence," 

Sammy Sifuna wrote "I just love www...and I'll always vote him so long as he is on ballot,"

Juma Juwara says "That is a clear indication that 2022 is around the corner,"

Mcheusi Mcheusi says "They will be filmed walking without shoes just to brainwash the electorates. We understand elections are around the corner,"

Tom W Makokha says "Simplicity. Abanga Madillu andi kuli Seychelles nende slay people.. Mbo benchmarking.,"

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