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Governor Allegedly Loses Popularity Days into Office, Accused of Being Sluggish in Making Decisions

A popular governor who was overwhelmingly elected in the recent general election is said to be gradually losing popularity days after being sworn into office. This has been attributed to the sluggish manner in which he responds to matters that need urgent decisions from him.

Word has it that whenever faced with any crisis, the county chief has been taking forever to decide which path to take prompting his people to start losing their faith in him.

The tribulations of this governor worsened recently after he lost the house leadership to a rival formation. Now he has a county assembly controlled by his rival. Those in the know say unless something is done fast, he will soon be reduced to a spectator in his own county.

Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) aligned with him have also observed that it is due to his slow nature of making decisions that lead to him losing the House leadership. It took him ages to decide which candidate his side should back for which post, which prompted some of his allies to decamp.

During the campaigns, he had promised the electorates that he would mount a serious fight against county cartels. Now that he is in office, voters feel he lacks the capacity to do so. 

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