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Exclusive: How Kenya Stands To Reap Big In DRC After Uhuru's Deals

Kinshasa, Capital City of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

With a population of 91 million people as of 2021 according to 'Worldometer' statistics, the Democratic Republic of Congo is currently the 4th most populous country in Africa behind Nigeria, Ethiopia and Egypt making it one of the biggest markets on the continent.

Additionally, this country stands as one of the most blessed nations in Africa with plenty of resources including various minerals like gold, monazite, iron ore, diamonds and even natural gas as well as big permanent rivers.

Unfortunately, this country is yet to realize it's full potential with decades of civil and political conflicts as well as unavailability of better development blueprints and development partnerships or failure to implement the same contributing to it's sluggish growth to the point of having a GDP that's half that of Kenya.

DRC is what most people would call a sleeping giant and Kenya is one of the African countries that are out there seeking to wake this giant for the benefit of everyone. The quest being spearhead by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Even though some haters of President Uhuru Kenyatta have ganged against him for travelling out of the country when themselves can't be allowed to travel in and out of some Counties due to COVID-19 containment restrictions, Kenya stands to reap big from that three-day travel than many can imagine.

In a layman's language, President Uhuru Kenyatta is seeking to establish a mutually beneficial bond between Kenya and DRC before somebody else taking that space or before it's too late, a move that'll see Kenya once again widen it's external partnership circle the Chinese way but technically in a different manner.

From what has been brought to the limelight over the past two or three days during the President's visit to DRC and a few months before that, Kenya is slowly strengthening its presence in DRC and I guess you know who stands to benefit most.

For instance, under Uhuru's Presidency, Equity Bank rose in just five years to become the largest foreign lender in DRC and second largest bank in that country, coming second to the local Rawbank but from the look of things, Equity BCDC will become the largest lender in DRC soon.

In as much as some people may say this is private business which may not directly benefit the Government of Kenya, think of the taxes the Kenyan Government will be collecting from Equity Group Holdings.

But that's just a tip of the iceberg with respect to how beneficial Equity and other Kenyan Coporations' succeess in DRC is going to help the Kenyan Government penetrate in DRC.

Courtesy of President Uhuru's cordial relationship with President Félix Tshisekedi and the succeess of corporations like Equity and Kenya Airways in DRC, the President was able to confidently get a huge delegation of state officers and business leaders on that Boeing 737-800 on April 20th for a series of bilateral talks that'll see Kenya and DRC be strong development partners in the future and easily do businesses for economic liberation.

Long story short, the trade, defence and maritime deals that were signed by the two heads of State are not worthless but rather mean a lot to both countries.

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