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Divorce Affair

Opinion: What Jubilee Should Do To Avoid The Looming Messy Divorce With UDA.

The Jubilee Party had a promising future until things started going south in the once vibrant party formed after a merger of more than 12 parties. The wave of the Jubilee Party was indeed felt in every Kenyan village during the 2017 general elections. Little did we know that the party will be short-lived like FORD-KENYA did, but at least FORD-KENYA still has some loyal supporters and can still mount a serious onslaught against its rivals. Thanks to Bungoma Senator Moses Wetangula.

Immediately after the 2017 elections, the future of Jubilee has been hanging in the balance ever since the purpoted owners showed the Chief Hustler and his camp the middle finger, thanks to David Murathe and Company. They have indeed succeeded in pushing the Hustler's team away from the day to day running of the party. But the question is, will they remain with a vibrant and a stronger party if they make real their threat of pushing Ruto and his UDA out of a coalition agreement with Jubilee? What if they managed, are they still planning to use the same party to field candidates in elections post-divorce?

The handlers and the who is who in Jubilee may not listen to the drum beats for now, however, when they will finally come to terms that without Hustler, Jubilee seizes to exist, it will be too late for them. Maybe they have a plan B to also pick a party from nowhere and start to market it to " their Hustlers" on the ground. But which party could this be? Who knows, since suffering a serious deflation from Tinga's brigade back in 2002, the KANU party is yet to recover, thanks to Gideon Moi who has been on a mission to revive the old sweet days of KANU. Are they planning to use the Brookside milk to entice potential voters to love their "ex-girlfriend" KANU party.

Anyway, if Jubilee borrows from the KANU school of thought, then the handlers should be prepared to suffer a more serious fate than it happened to KANU in 2002. Unless, Brookside milk is also their possible strategy to entice potential voters. But one needs to inform them that Yoghurt is sweeter and may do miracles this time round.

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