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"Trump Doesn't Trust His Wife's Vote" Reactions to This Picture

The 2020 US election is today. After a gruelling campaign, voters will enter booths across America and cast their ballots.

The current president for US is in the ballot box and he has already casted his vote he went to vote with his wife Melanie Trump and they were next to each other.

But there is a funny picture of Trump checking on his wife while she was busy voting. And many people were asking if he doesn't trust his wife maybe he can vote for someone else.

check out the pictures and be the judge of how men dont trust women.

" Trump doesn't even trust himself leave alive trusting the other gender, even if that person is his own wife to vote for him" read a comment

" He has trust issues, he is just making sure that Melanie doesn't stub him in the back" commented someone.

Here are the reactions

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